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Cooxupé presents the Generations Protocol at an event in the United States

In a panel at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Chicago, the cooperative's ESG analyst also discussed the new global regulatory paradigm

Cooxupé presents the Generations Protocol at an event in the United States

Cooxupé participated in the Specialty Coffee Expo from April 12 to 14, in the city of Chicago, in the United States. First and foremost, it is one of the leading specialty coffee events in the world. And it is promoted by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). In addition, the fair is recognized as the largest in the coffee sector in the Americas. On the occasion, they also presented Cooxupé and the Generations Protocol.

Specialty Coffee Expo

On April 13, the cooperative participated in a panel with five representatives of the area from different countries. In fact, they discussed sustainable sourcing strategies with a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And, also, how to find success within the new global regulatory paradigm.

Generations Protocol

Firstly, the host of the panel was Kevin Warner, Director of ESG Certifications and Strategy at SCS Global Services. Among the panelists was Matheus Franco Severino, an analyst in Cooxupé's ESG Department.

Also participating were Jeisson Riaño, Sustainability Coordinator at Expocafé Colombia; Victoria Norman, Executive Director, SCS Standards. And finally, Dennis Macray, Executive Vice President of Operations for Portland Coffee Roasters.

"In the panel, we had the opportunity to present Cooxupé. And, for the first time in an international event outside Brazil, we presented the Generations Protocol to the participants of the fair", says Matheus.

International Regulations

The panel also discussed the European Union's Regulation for Deforestation-Free Products. In addition to other new international regulations.

In summary, the representative of Colombia presented the Expocafé protocol, implemented six months ago. Dennis Macray, who is one of the creators of Starbucks' CAFE Practices, spoke about the challenges of implementing sustainability programs. Next, Victoria Norman addressed the new international regulations, especially the European one. Which was also commented on by the other panelists.