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First European Improved Forest Management Carbon Offset Project Achieves Independent Verification

SCS Global Services Verified the Rotunda Forest Project Developed by Global Forest Support

Global Forest Support

Global Forest Support GmbH (GFS) and SCS Global Services (SCS) announced the completion of validation and verification of the first European Improved Forest Management (IFM) carbon project under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) administered by Verra. Based on this verification, Verified Carbon Units (VCUs)/carbon offsets can now be issued in association with this project.

The forest carbon project is situated inside the 10,000-hectare Rotunda Forest Estate located within the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. The project consists of a 1,500-hectare commercial forest located outside of the Carpathian Mountains National Park boundary; it is projected to sequester more than 6,600 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per year from the atmosphere.

Implementation of the VCS Methodology, “VM0012 – Improved Forest Management (IFM) in Temperate and Boreal Forests (LtPF),” was a collaborative effort between the forest owner, SC Rotunda SRL (Romania), and GFS with its in-house implementation specialists, GreenRaise Consulting GmbH.

“We would like to thank and congratulate our partners on this historic and influential accomplishment,” said Jason Zimmerman, Managing Partner at Global Forest Support. “Becoming the first European project to implement this robust VCS methodology is a cornerstone event in 2021. GFS is proud to be part of the joint effort in the fight against global climate change. We look forward to announcing further forest carbon projects in Europe and North America.”

GFS underwent a rigorous third-party assessment by SCS of its project including stakeholder engagement, spatial analysis and technical review of its carbon emission calculations under the IFM methodology. Upon successful completion, SCS verified the project, which provides credible assurance of the project’s impacts and carbon credits generated.

“Carbon offset projects are becoming increasingly important across the globe as organizations and communities seek ways to fight climate change, improve the livelihoods of community members, create new jobs, and ensure sustainable practices in forests for future generations to enjoy,” said Christie Pollet-Young, Director of Greenhouse Gas Verification at SCS Global Services. “We are honored to work with Global Forest Support to independently verify this forest offset project, demonstrating its commitment to protecting forests and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with impactful results.”

“Congratulations to Global Forest Support for becoming the first to use this IFM methodology in Europe,” said Anne Thiel, Senior Communications Manager at Verra. “This methodology under the VCS program works to protect forests and avoid emissions. It credibly quantifies the GHG emission reductions generated by improving forest management and preventing logging in temperate and boreal forests.”

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